Transgender/Gender-Variant Movement in India

Transgender and gender non-binary communities are among the most marginalized world over. In India, they are forced to exist as outcasts from their families and face harassment on a daily basis. AID support our project partner Sumi Das from Karna-Suwarna Welfare Society (KWS) based near Bangladesh border in West Bengal.  KWS is a trans-led group, that provides much needed shelter, medical, counselling and legal services to the trans-community. These are the issues that most non-trans people rarely have to think about. With the larger conversations on gender and sexual harassment taking place, we need a comprehensive understanding of gender issues.

Sumi Das is a main coordinator of Social Advocacy and Health Support. Sumi has been actively working on Community-based advocacy, Empowerment and HIV-AIDS prevention among transgender and sexual minority communities in India.