Support AID’s Amphan Relief Efforts

Cyclone Amphan has devastated the islands of Sunderbans. Thousands of houses have been razed to the ground. Earthen embankments have breached in many islands, flooding agricultural fields and ponds with saline water. The blocks of Sagar, Namkhana, Patharpratima, and Kultali are among the worst affected. AID has been deeply involved with the communities in these regions for a decade, working with 3 grassroots partners Mukti, Baikanthapur Tarun Sangha, and Purbo Chintamonipur Chetana Sangha. There is an urgent need to support the brave people of Sunderbans with immediate shelter, food, water, and medicines.

Our partners had helped people take shelter in school buildings and flood centers, in coordination with the officials. This has prevented a major loss of life as we know now that almost all mud houses have collapsed and many pukka houses have been severely damaged.Your support is needed urgently in distributing essential commodities like dry foods, sanitary napkins, mosquito nets and tarpaulins to the affected people. We will be updating our website and social media pages regularly, as we work through relief followed by long term rehabilitation.

It was 11 years ago in May 2009 when Cyclone Aila ravaged the islands of Sunderbans. In the course of relief work, AID initiated a long term project of sustainable organic farming to reclaim the soil and livelihoods. Starting with 25 farmers, AID and its partners today have expanded the network to 25,000 farmers. Many of them send 10,000 Kgs of organic vegetables to Kolkata every month and earn a better living. Here is a short video.

Your support means standing with the strong people of Sunderbans, as they face the double adversities of COVID-19 and the aftermath of Amphan


Indian Ocean Benefit Concert

AID–US is hosting a virtual concert by the world-famous fusion music group INDIAN OCEAN on Saturday, 16th May at 1 pm EDT.   The concert benefits AID-India and over 30 NGO partners providing crucial COVID-19 relief with food, PPE, and support for stranded workers.

INDIAN OCEAN is a contemporary fusion music band that plays an eclectic original mix of various genres – rock, jazz, classical, and folk music. They have been nominated as MTV’s Artists of the Month. They have composed the music for 12 Bollywood films, including “Peepli Live” and “Masaan”.

AID has a target of raising $1 Million; to date, about $400K has been raised and over $300K disbursed for the relief efforts.

Please join us to enjoy the unique creativity of INDIAN OCEAN and support Covid-19 relief efforts.  Please share the word in your networks. Thanks!

The event will be live on Facebook.

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