Indian Ocean Benefit Concert

AID–US is hosting a virtual concert by the world-famous fusion music group INDIAN OCEAN on Saturday, 16th May at 1 pm EDT.   The concert benefits AID-India and over 30 NGO partners providing crucial COVID-19 relief with food, PPE, and support for stranded workers.

INDIAN OCEAN is a contemporary fusion music band that plays an eclectic original mix of various genres – rock, jazz, classical, and folk music. They have been nominated as MTV’s Artists of the Month. They have composed the music for 12 Bollywood films, including “Peepli Live” and “Masaan”.

AID has a target of raising $1 Million; to date, about $400K has been raised and over $300K disbursed for the relief efforts.

Please join us to enjoy the unique creativity of INDIAN OCEAN and support Covid-19 relief efforts.  Please share the word in your networks. Thanks!

The event will be live on Facebook.

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