Effects of the COVID Pandemic on Health Care Access in Maharashtra

Interactive Webinar by SATHI, Pune on SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2020, 12 PM EDT/9:30 PM IST

With millions of cases, the pandemic is ravaging our world.  India has the third-largest number, with the highest load in Maharashtra.

Prior to COVID, there was spotty access to health care for many rural and urban poor in Maharashtra.  COVID has severely burdened the health system and compounded access challenges.  SATHI, a Pune-based NGO at the forefront of public health reform, is enabling access for the neediest.

Dr. Arun Gadre and his associates from SATHI will discuss their yeoman efforts to address the access gap and provide basic preventative health care.  Dr. Gadre, a gynecologist and health policy activist, is also a  prolific award-winning author of 17 books in Marathi and English, including the ground-breaking “Dissenting Diagnosis”.

Please register for this interactive chat organized by Association for India’s Development (AID) and Triveni Mitra Mandal at https://aidindia.org/covidhealthcare/